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It was at the point where she felt like she would do anything for him.

You name it, she had done it. Underwear modeling, swimsuit modeling, hell, she'd even posed nude. All in the name of love.

She wondered if it was worth it. There were other m&ms in the bag. But of course, she felt like she had pulled out the speckled one, you know, the one that won you the grand prize! And she felt like throwing him away would be like sacrificing that grand prize. And she really needed the new car.

If her parents could only see her now, she fantasized (sp?). They had brought her up in a tiny Episcopalian community in southern Missouri. She had lived in a small white two story house with clapboard siding, the stereotypical house of the south, the house that everybody always associates with fried chicken and beer. She had grown up a naive, typical southern girl. She didn't know what sex was until she was at least 13. But it didn't matter, anyway. Sex before marriage was a blasphemy, in her community. They would stone her.

It wasn't until one day when she was 18 that she first had any experience with the outside world. They had gone to town to do some shopping, and they were having coffee in a Starbucks in a large metropolitan kind, you know, the kind that preteen girls call their mothership. Her friends knew a man, a man that worked in the photographic underworld. The kind that everyone really knows about, and secretly has a fantasy about being in.

Now our 18 year old, known as Lynn Walters to her friends, wasn't as sheltered as her family thought her to be. During highschool, she had many a sexual encounter with the stereotypical jock. She matured quickly. Quicker than most girls, partly because the majority of her youth had been sheltered. She was the type that when she found something that she liked, she stuck with it as far as it would go.

Which led her to where she was now. Just a cheap fuck. A person to pose for pictures for the magainze, S+M Xtreme. It wasn't what she wanted from life. But she would do it to make Jason happy. Because that was what she wanted, right? In fact, the truth was, no. This was not what she wanted from her life. She wished that she had never gone to the mall that day and met Jason. Why did she have to come on to him like that? She never could really understand. She just had to hope that her parents would take her back, after what she had done.

So how is it?

I might write more to it later, but right now I want to leave it as it is.
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