Sarah (jane_doll) wrote in filmfabrication,

Suburban somethingorother. far from it.

Tired. Car smells rotten, like gasoline. Didn't sleep at all last night. How's that? Oh yeah, didn't want to. Didn't even brush my hair. Didn't wash my face. Oh well, don't care. Too tired to care. The Bell Jar. Have to read that. Wait. I already did? Oh yeah. Not in great mental standing. Oops. Where are we going? This isn't the way to school. Or is it? It's a new way? Are you okay? Am i okay? are we okay? hey mom, we don't go to school this way. yeah, i slept last night. no i'm not tired at all. why are you afraid to die no im not why because you told me not to be what are you doing? mom? Mom? What are you doing?

maybe later. i suck right now.
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