justine does that with them (susietoxic) wrote in filmfabrication,
justine does that with them

big brother?

I've been working on this for four years. Cosmetology school was the way to go. Look at my hair? Doesn't it look great? My skin too. Honestly, I look great. I mean, since nowadays everything's so very dyke-ish. Ever since it happened.

My mom dropped out of high school, and she figured beauty school would be the way for her to go. She's any inmates dream, if you couldn't tell by the Farrah Fawcett hair. My grandmother was a pin up model. Well, a model for a pin up artist. No one big. No one that you could search up on Yahoo and find. Oh jesus. I keep forgetting that this shit was outlawed. Oh, excuse my French, but anyways, she'd sit for hours with her legs in the air. And then my great grandmother, well, she was probably a whore or something. Back when it was illegal in the United States.

But the point is, I look amazing. I go to the gym every night, thank god for 24 hour gyms. Isn't is strange how they keep somethings like, 24 hour gyms and not things like the Internet? Sometimes I wonder about them. But the gym thing, yeah, it definitely works for holding poses. Which has helped me in many ways.

Oh, you want to see my portfolio?

Let me go get that for you. Here you are.

Oh, you like that one? It was shot on this remote part of the beach.

I know! I can't believe it either. They haven't taken over the whole coast. Ever since, well, you know.

Oh, this one, with the chains? Yeah. That was my 33rd photoshoot.

Yeah, I've kept track of every single photoshoot. I should probably get a tape recorder and get this down. I'd make a great documentary, wouldn't I?

Just wait and you see, I'll be all over A&E someday.

Oh, nevermind. That's gone too. How easily I forget.

Oh? You like my nails? Yes, theres cosmetology school paying off for me again. Honestly, it's worth the money. You should send your daughters there. Or sons, you know, whatever.

They did? Oh my goodness. Cosmetology school was the best thing that ever happened to my family. You can't just get rid of something like that.


Well fuck them.

Be careful with that, sir. I can't really have THAT flashing around the room, can I? YOU know what could happen.


No, i wasn't. Honestly. I was just talking about the way it used to be. Oh god. please. i was just talking about the past. god. oh jesus. save yourselves. while you can.
inform yourselves.
it's not too late.
information is key.
don't let them let you burn.

I'm not really sure what I was thinking.
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